What IS a White Elephant Gift Party Anyway?

So, you’ve been invited to a “White Elephant” Party – and you ask – What is it?  What do I bring?  Do people still do this?  

Girlfriends Galore in Scottsdale, AZ is holding our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange Party on Friday 12/9/11 (so watch for pictures)…and, we thought this would be a great post to share with all our friends & fans!

Wikipedia defines White Elephant Gifts as typically inexpensive, humorous items or used items from home. The term white elephant refers to a gift whose maintenance costs exceed its usefulness.  And yet, who hasn’t heard that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? So, hunt through your house and find that gift you have NEVER even opened, and used – wrap it up and stick a bow on it!

Now, with the rules of the game comes the fun part…

  • 1 – Everyone draws a # starting with 1 – … from a hat
  • 2 – The person with #1 picks a wrapped gift and opens it and shows everyone what she got
  • 3 – Now, here’s the twist – the person with #2 and consecutive #’s have the option of picking an unwrapped gift and opening it OR *taking another person’s gift they’ve already opened!
  • 4 – There is often an agreed upon amount of times a gift can be “stolen” – generally the prescribed number is 3 times.  This keeps the process moving along and avoids 1 gift being stolen over and over again.

So – now that you know the rules – get in those cupboards and sheds and storage rooms and find that PERFECT White Elephant Gift with confidence and go have FUN!

*That is where the fun comes in and where we learn what is trash and what is treasure!

(A variation is that all the gifts remain wrapped and the stealing/exchange must happen before any gifts are opened. – Tricky, huh?  Just remember that the gift you hold in your hands isn’t yours until the game is over…)

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About Girlfriends Galore

Our Mission: To enhance, enrich and empower the lives of women by offering a place of friendship, education, networking, economic opportunity, goal setting and fun. Who we are? Girlfriends Galore is a membership based women’s group providing like minded women multiple avenues to build long lasting friendships with a variety of fabulous women. What we do: We host several types of events each month for friendship building. Some events are member exclusive and some are open to non-members. Why we are different: Girlfriends Galore is a place where women connect together in a positive environment. We are so much more than just a social group. We are NOT a networking group. We are about personal growth, business development, fun and friendship. We focus on enhancing women's lives and building long lasting relationships. We are about positive lifestyle changes, and positive people. We are changing the lives of women one Girlfriend at a time. For information on sponsoring Girlfriends Galore, membership or chapter ownership, please visit www.girlfriends-galore.com ; contact Heather at 602-228-3478 or email girlfriendsgalore.heather@gmail.com. If you happen know any ladies that would be interested in joining Girlfriends Galore, please pass this information on or I would be happy to contact them directly.
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4 Responses to What IS a White Elephant Gift Party Anyway?

  1. Quinn Sjodin says:

    found your website on aol and was just what i was looking for, keep it up 🙂

  2. Lesley Dewar says:

    Great post and I love the idea of a White Elephant Party, We might just have to do one here in Perth, now we know the rules. Say Hi to Glenda for me. Came by way of the #blogboost on Facebook. 🙂

    • Hi Lesley! Glad to see you here on the Girlfriends Galore blog. Tell us how your party goes! We’d love to hear about it up here in the U.S.! Have a great weekend and don’t be a stranger! (Glenda says Hi back at’tcha!)

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