Great Little Gift Wrapping Tips!

Here are some tips & tricks to use for your gift wrapping this holiday – And we ALL know you haven’t wrapped EVERYTHING yet! (well – maybe some of you who are really organized have it all done, so you can use these tips for birthdays, shower gifts, and next year!)

1 – Go Green this year by recycling newspaper or brown paper bags.  Add pinecones, holly leaves and even small fruit like cranberries for decoration.  Use the Sunday cartoon section for kids gifts.

2 – To get the exact color you want for your wrapping paper, try using tissue paper – more layers = deeper & richer colors.  You can also use different colors of paper by offsetting the paper or wrapping the gift in a geometric pattern giving your gift a mosaic appearance.

3 – Have a gift too big to wrap – instead of wrapping the whole gift, try one of these tricks instead.

4 – Decorate the outside of the box with strips of paper crossing one another – try it as stripes all around or just on the corners.  Add ribbons & bows to make the box even more festive.

5 – Try using a cloth laundry bag in red and add white pillow stuffing at the top so it looks like Santa’s gift sack.

6 – This one is in 2 steps – Remove the gift and spray paint the box – when it’s dry, replace the gift inside and then add the ribbons & bows.

7 – Have a bottle of wine you’re taking as a hostess gift?  Wrap it in a pretty dishtowel and tie with a great ribbon & bow.

So, just a few ideas and we’ve included some articles below for more ideas – Share with us some of YOUR favorites!


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